The TBW Difference

Your Sweeper, Scrubber Brush, and Squeegee Specialists.

The Definition of a Specialist
The dictionary defines a specialist as “somebody who specializes in an occupation.” Just as many of us go to a store that specializes in tires when we need replacement tires for our vehicle, it just makes sense to go to a brush specialist when you need replacement brushes for your sweeper or scrubber. That’s what we do at The Brush Warehouse. In fact, since that is all we do, we make it our business to know everything possible about replacement brushes for virtually every make and model of machine in the industry. At The Brush Warehouse, our experts are the definition of Specialists.

We Don’t Call It The Brush Warehouse For Nothing
Brushes and squeegees are the most commonly replaced wear items on sweepers and scrubbers. So you can count on The Brush Warehouse to always stock a vast selection of cylindrical sweeper brooms and scrubber brushes, side brooms, rotary style brushes, pad drivers, and squeegee blades. All of our products are engineered and manufactured to meet or exceed OEM performance specifications for all major brands including Tennant, Nilfisk Advance, Alto, American-Lincoln, Factory Cat, and PowerBoss. As Machine manufacturers add new models to their lines, The Brush Warehouse adds new brushes to stay current with the market.

98% American-Made
It’s a great time to buy American. That’s why 98% of all products sold by The Brush Warehouse are manufactured right here in the United States. You’ll appreciate the quality craftsmanship that goes into each of our products and you can feel a little more patriotic knowing that your purchase is helping support families in your own backyard.

You’ll Enjoy a Different Kind of Buying Experience at The Brush Warehouse
We know you are not coming to our site to window shop. You want to find your replacement brush, complete your purchase and get on with your day. Whether it’s the ease with which you can navigate our website to find the product you need or the friendly, knowledgeable person ready to answer any questions you may have, our mission is to make doing business with THE BRUSH WAREHOUSE as easy and hassle-free as you have ever experienced.

That is not a typo. Every order with The Brush Warehouse includes standard free shipping in the Continental United States. That’s important because research shows that many people do not complete an online order because the shipping costs were higher than they were expecting. You won’t have that problem with The Brush Warehouse. Our low pricing has no strings attached. That’s low prices and free shipping! It doesn’t get any better than that.

When You Win, We Win
Our success depends on satisfied customers. So we offer a very simple business model. Our low overhead and tremendous buying power allow us to always save you at least 20% and in most cases as much as 30% on all of your orders.

In less than 10 minutes, we’ll make you a believer.

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